About Atheist Max

I'm a former Christian who became Atheist in middle age. My blog is a journal of how I lost religion and discovered a better life. For Peace, Civility and the Separation of Church and State
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  1. Christine says:

    Do you really want the freedom to just write and be angry or find out why Paul/ Saul was Angry and how God changed him…… We are not robots I thank God for that BUT there is a HUGE responsibility in having freedom in this world…….to live how ever we want….. I don’t believe you have Peace just by what you write…….

    I was raised Catholic in New England where my friends were abused I turned the priest in and was told your no longer welcome here at this church……..But my Mom didn’t place her faith in Man who is flawed, But God who allows things to happen, why they all happen we don’t know this side of Earth (why) But my Mom stood in her Faith and Strong and I saw that then and now…..I walked away from God for 22-years I wasn’t an alcoholic, i never touched a drug, i lived a pretty basic life BUT without God…. and God was so Merciful to me that he brought me to studying the word of God…I went to the church and i didn’t believe the Bible and I was angry while going BUT kept going….(this pastor I heard preaching tried every religion under the SUN….But..without the Holy Spirit we are Blind I was blind..But i kept going Angry I wanted answers…Your angry, you want answers…. I was soooooooo angry…..TRY streaming if you want Peace, God is right there Paul/SAUL was murdering 1000’s of Christian’s……And God visited him and changed his life….. God has a different way of looking at our lives, he is God right, if he thought like I did ohhhhhh LORD help us….. Your soul cries out!!!! mine did too…..i am now at Peace….. But not in the injustices in the world God is upset too!!!!! But is he to control everyone like robots?? God forbid, God allows us freedom all to have freedom….. Do you really want the freedom to just write and be angry or find out why Paul/ Saul was Angry and how God changed him…… We are not robots I thank God for that BUT there is a HUGE responsibility in having freedom in this world…….
    God is complicated your right, we don’t understand why he did everything He did in the OT BUT 95% of it if you study it ( i did for about 5-years in church and in a University) you would understand more……I didn’t just get SAVED by a preacher GOD Himself explained every question I had over time..over 3-5 years……Every Hard, hard, hard question…..I didn’t talk to others about my doubts BECAUSE I WANTED GOD to give me the answers not MAN…look at check out the video’s of, testimony after testimony, after testimony coming out of Alternative life styles people from 18-78 years old women, young women old men, young men…… Check out a man who lived as a women for 30-years yes that’s right!!!!! But God came to him and changed his life……
    I BELONG ..If you really want to find God He is there to forgive YOU….. I was in your place i really was i feel for you, because i LOVED where i was at that time in UNBELIEF!!!!! it seamed SAVER because I didn’t want to be caught up INTO A FAKE CHRISTIAN CRAP HOLE…….some denominations are like that not real…. The best Church I could recommend are the Acts 29 Church ( ACTS29.COM) , for teachings, Paul Tripp Ministries Daily devotions, Dudes Guide books,
    Praying for you


    • Atheist Max says:


      “If men get into a fight with one another, and the wife of one intervenes to rescue her husband from the grip of his opponent by reaching out and SEIZING HIS PENIS AND TESTICLES, you shall cut off her hand; show no pity.” – GOD (DEUT. 25:11)

      How do you manage to believe this to be a good thing?
      Would you want your family members to be treated this way? With hands being cut off?


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