The Question that Kills God

Can a good God intercede when it is immoral for him to do so?

God vanished when I realized he could not morally come to my aid. Mystery-Customer-Person

The Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre of December of 2012 was a shocking horror. News traveled while it was underway and many of us were emotionally shattered to read the details. I fell to the floor in prayer asking for God’s guidance and help.

But God vanished that day and I’ll try to explain why.

If you are in a position (as a God would be) where you could save a person’s life or alleviate physical suffering yet refuse to do so, you are making a clear choice to not intercede. Admittedly, an infinite God might have reasons to do this beyond our comprehension.

God would know that immoral killer was walking up the stairs to kill little children that day. God certainly refused to intercede to block the killer’s path, to stop the killer’s heart, to stop even one bullet fired at the little children. God did not intercede. 26 people died. God even allowed the killer a nice parking spot.

Here’s the problem:
Try to imagine me on the floor praying to God, much as any other Christian would do.
How could God, having not interceded for dying childrenintercede instead to help me as I was asking him to do in my emotional distress?

Unlike those desperate children, I was safe; a healthy man. Wouldn’t my prayers for help be precisely the worst place for a good, fair God to intercede if he could intercede at all? 

It would be immoral for God to intercede to help me without first interceding for those children and their families in their moment of urgent need. So regardless of what sort of intercession God could have in mind regarding an answer to my prayer (to help me or not to help me) – it would still be an intercession.

So asking God to intercede (to pray) itself becomes an immoral act when it is clear he will not intercede on those less fortunate than yourself.

The possibility of a moral God vanishes at the thought.


About Atheist Max

I'm a former Christian who became Atheist in middle age. My blog is a journal of how I lost religion and discovered a better life. For Peace, Civility and the Separation of Church and State
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