God no! I think I’m turning Atheist

Has your God vanished?

Stay calm.

Are you having doubts about God?
Feeling something is different when you go to church? You are not having a passing doubt – this is something bigger.

In any case, you have finally become aware God is probably a delusion and not a real thing at all. You have noticed something about your religion suddenly doesn’t make sense. Your pastor, rabbi, imam or priest isn’t able to give you a meaningful message in the sermons anymore.

1) Everything is going to be okay.
You are not going crazy.
The vast majority of Atheists are former believers who have similar stories to yours.

2) You might feel scared.
It can be a shock to discover the world is spinning through space and nobody is in charge – no god decides things – no god protects us.

3) You might feel lost.
How does one proceed? What is life about? How will I know good and bad? How can I give up on Eternal Life? What about my loved ones who died? If there is no god what is the purpose?
Don’t worry – there are excellent answers these questions and you will soon discover them. The correct answers are far superior to the faith-based responses given by religion.

4) You are not alone
How can I survive as a non-believer when I’m surrounded by believers? How can they forgive my Atheism? How will they understand?

You might not know what to do next. But know this:

1. Understand that non-belief in Gods is perfectly normal.
2. It doesn’t mean you believe in Satan or you want to ‘sin’.
3. It is normal to feel lost.
4. You are beginning a wondrous journey. 
5. There are millions of Atheists all over the world. More every day.
6. You have accomplished a great thing – thinking for yourself.
7. Feel no guilt for what has happened. God didn’t show up. That is not your fault – it is the fault of a flawed ancient theory about reality which you were taught to follow and now you have discovered that theory probably is not true.
8. You may still fear Hell. It has been drummed into us for so long – but remind yourself that there is no evidence for Hell and no good reason to believe in it.
9. You have done your best to believe in God and ultimately it didnt work – if God exists and if God is fair, you will not go to eternal torture for your lack of belief in it.

Religion makes claims which do not connect in a coherent way. It is mentally burdensome to keep trying to force it to make sense. For many people leaving religion is one of the great reliefs of their lives. 

Try not to feel afraid, lost or alone.
There is a vast Atheist community of wonderful, understanding people who can help you on your journey.

I envy you a little bit. I wish I could lose religion again just for the thrill of it.
Welcome to reality.

“When religion ends, philosophy begins…”
– Christopher Hitchens


3 Responses to God no! I think I’m turning Atheist

  1. Patricia says:

    Wow, I have found a home. I am so glad others have also found out the falseness of organized religion and god. I feel much more free and able to tackle this life without being burdened by the deep guilt I placed on myself when part of several different trials of religion.


  2. Skyla says:

    I think i need someone to talk to about this. I think i am becoming an atheist but i don’t know what to do or how to deal with it, i have played the role of a dedicated christian for much of my life! I am truly lost and need some advice…


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