Wonderful Atheists

Atheists are said to be among the most hated groups in the world.
But this is not true. Millions of Atheists are dearly loved.
It is just that nobody knew they were Atheists.

Paul Newman
Actor/Founder of ‘Newman’s Own’. Raised $370 million in charity for sick children. Did not believe in a god.

Dr. Jonas Salk
Discoverer of the Polio Vaccine gave away his option to patent it in order to save billions of lives instead. Did not believe in a god.

Dr. Seuss
Creator of ‘The Grinch Who Stole Christmas’. Did not believe in a god.

Oskar Schindler
Famously portrayed in “Shindler’s List”, he saved thousands of Jews from the Holocaust. Apparently did not believe in a God.

Thomas Edison
Great inventor of the light bulb and all things electrical had no patience for gods: “Religion is all bunk.”

Mark Twain
The great writer and beloved humorist had no patience for gods.
“Religion was invented when the first con-man met the first fool”

Charles Schultz
Creator of ‘Peanuts’ and ‘Charlie Brown Christmas’ did not believe in a god.

Irving Berlin
Great American Composer and Lyricist of ‘White Christmas’ did not believe in a god.

Max Von Sydow
Played Jesus Christ in the film ‘The Greatest Story Ever Told” as well as the Exorcist in the film “The Exorcist”, did not believe in a god.

Gene Roddenberry
Creator of “Star Trek” did not believe in a god

Rod Serling
Creator of the “Twilight Zone” did not believe in a god.

Maurice Sendak
Author and illustrator of “Where the Wild Things Are” – did not believe in a god.

Studs Terkel
Great journalist and chronicler of the Great Depression – called attention to economic injustice. Did not believe in a god.

Vincent Van Gogh
One of the greatest artists who ever lived.
Did not believe in a god.

Theo Van Gogh
Vincent’s older brother and primary supporter through thick and thin. Did not believe in a God.

The Beatles:
John Lennon, Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr.

Warren Buffet
Billionaire philanthropist has pioneered and donated for thousands of various causes to help poor people. Does not believe in a God.

Barney Frank
Democratic Congressman from Massachusetts and promoter of causes to help the needy – does not believe in a god.

Leader of a Democratic and Modern India. Did not believe in a god.

Max Von Sydow
Actor who played Jesus in “The Greatest Story Ever Told” and later as the aging priest in “The Exorcist” does not believe in a god.

James Randi
A great proponent of critical thinking and the cause of reason. Does not believe in a god.


Many more beloved Atheists:

Langston Hughs
Steven Hawking
Anton Chekhov
Jules Feiffer
Claude Monet
Dick Cavett
Alfred Nobel
Henri Matisse
Richard Dreyfuss
Mikhail Gorbachev
David Niven
Ted Turner
Arthur Miller
Berk Breathed
Francis Crick
James Watson
Alan Alda
Charlie Parker
Oliver Sacks
Camille Paglia
Dave Barry
Andy Rooney (60 Minutes)
Tom Lehrer
Bradley Manning
Pat Tillman (Atheist in a foxhole)
Thomas Edison
Steven Wozniak
James Lipton
David Lynch
Studs Terkel
Guillermo del Toro
Moshe Dyan
MaMarcel Duchamp
Clarence Darrow
Andrew Carnegie
Francis Crick
Charles Schultz
Jacques Yves Cousteau
Harlan Ellison
Abraham Lincoln – “The Bible is not my book, nor Christianity my religion.”
Bertrand Russell
Gore Vidal
Mickey Dolenz
Ingmar Bergman
Richard Leakey
Richard Strauss
Bill Blass
Roger Ebert
Albert Einstein
Richard Feynman
Linus Carl Pauling
Maurice Sendak
Helen Keller
Noam Chomsky
David Hume
Steven Weinberg
Peter Higgs
James D. Watson
Ray Romano
Ted Williams
Scott Joplin
Marlene Deitrich
Butterfly McQueen
Billy Joel
Steven Pinker
Sigmund Freud
Bruce Lee
Bill Nye
Susan B. Anthony
E.O. Wilson
Alan Turing
William Shatner
Marlon Brando
Katherine Hepburn
Helen Mirren
Andrew Carnegie
Richard Branson
Kurt Vonnegut
Kai Nielson
Gene Wilder
Virginia Wolf
Charlie Chaplin
Richard Rodgers
Arthur Schleshinger Jr.
Frida Kahlo
Ernest Hemingway
Carl Sagan
Robert Wright
Michael Martin
Peter Singer
Jerry Coyne
Jennifer Michael Hecht
Golda Meir
Betty Friedan
Hannah Ahrendt
Lisa Randall
Julia Sweeney
Paula Poundstone
Diane Keaton
Phyllis Diller
Margot Kidder
Susan Jacoby
Sarah Bernhardt
Cloris Leachmen
Sarah Silverman
Emma Thompson
Lalla Ward
Amy Alkon
Victor Stenger
Martin Amis
Lauren Bacall
Philip Roth
Ian McEwan
Michael Shermer
Oscar Wilde
Frank Zappa
Mark Zuckerberg
Jamie Hyneman
George C Scott
Andy Rooney
Ayaan Hirsi Ali
Daniel Radcliffe
Penn and Teller
Arthur Miller
Barry Manilow
Kevin Bacon
Burt Lancaster
George Orwell
Steve Jobs
Mark Twain
George Carlin
Rodney Dangerfield
Adam Savage – Mythbusters
George Bernard Shaw
Simon de Beauvoir
Isaac Asimov
Thomas Paine
Rod Serling
John Stossel
Brian Eno
Leonard Susskind
Stephen Jay Gould
Dan Dennett
Thomas Mann
Noel Coward
Philip Pullman
Richard Leakey
A.C. Grayling
Lawrence Krauss
Jodie Foster
Stephen Fry
Mick Jagger
Margot Kidder
Larry King
Keira Knightley
Brad Pitt
Sam Harris
David Jon Gilmour
Robin Williams
Stanley Kubrick
Neil DeGrasse Tyson, “I call myself agnostic, but no, I don’t believe in a god” (atheism means non-belief)
Richard Feynman
Buckminster Fuller
Gene Kelly
Paul Robeson
Oskar Schindler (Shindler’s List)


8 Responses to Wonderful Atheists

  1. Ed Gaines says:

    I’m not sure where you copied this list from, but there are many folks on here who would be very surprised hear themselves called “atheists.” It’s hardly an issue of national security, but if you’re interested in creating a list with more accurate information, you’ll probably have to research each person individually.

    Your broader point — that non-theists can be good people — is certainly true nonetheless!


    • Atheist Max says:

      Thanks for your comment. You are correct that some of the people on the list might object to the being called Atheist. But let me clarify what the word ‘Atheist’ means.

      Atheism is strictly about one’s belief. It is not a claim that gods are impossible.

      For example, an Agnostic would say “I do not ‘know’ if a god exists.”
      An Atheist would say, “I do not ‘believe’ a god exists”

      Most on the list are Agnostic Atheists. Several however are Hard Atheists (a claim that god does not exist)

      In compiling the list I was very careful in the research of each individual.
      Each of the people on the list would be able to utter this statement according to at least one reliable source: “I do not believe in a God” – That is Atheism.

      Neil deGrasse Tyson, for example, insists that he is not an Atheist. He continually insists that he is Agnostic. He refuses the word in the same way a Trash Collector who spends his day picking up trash would rather call himself a Maintenance Worker because it sounds better to his ears.

      But Neil deGrasse Tyson does not believe in a God. When asked, he says so very directly.
      He is therefor an Atheist.

      What is important is not the word “ATHEIST” but the fact that everyone on the list above at one point very firmly proclaimed they did not believe a God to exist.

      Liked by 1 person

    • Nick says:

      What is the difference when one strongly affirms as an Agnostic?


      • Atheist Max says:

        Agnostic means: “I don’t know if God exists.”

        That’s me.
        I don’t know if a God exists or not.
        But I don’t believe in it.

        Lack of belief is what makes me an Atheist.


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  3. Jo says:

    Charles Schulz was a Christian. Got it wrong


  4. Zachary Wayne Siple says:
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