The Illusion of Substance: God Does Not Survive Examination

“…My thoughts are not your thoughts, Nor are your ways My ways,” declares the LORD. “For as the heavens are higher than the earth, So are My ways higher than your ways And My thoughts than your thoughts.…”
– (Isaiah 55:8-9)

The above claim was made by prophet Isaiah.

“My thoughts are not your thoughts,

Notice how empty this is.

It appears God is talking through Isaiah. However, If God’s ways are different from human ways, how could Isaiah – or anyone else – claim to know such a thing? In fact, how could this verse even mean what it claims? It refutes itself.

Which ways are not God’s ways? All my ways?
The way I listen? The way I think? The way I communicate?

If God doesn’t hear the way I hear how am I to talk to him? I guess I can’t use words and neither can He. Shall I use thoughts to talk to Him instead? Again, His way is not how my thoughts work, so how can God know them?

If God is so completely incomprehensible, how could the verse be claimed?
God is saying “No human can understand anything about me,” yet that statement would have to be understood by the human Isaiah.

In other words, how could Isaiah’s claim be determined if the claim is TRUE?
All we have is a meaningless paradox.

Did God speak to Isaiah in God’s way (an incoherent noise, perhaps?) but then Isaiah translated it? How did Isaiah know how to convert the message from ‘God’s way’ to ‘our way’ so we could all understand it? How did Isaiah even determine the noise was God and not something else – seeing as Isaiah’s ways are different from God’s ways, too?

And if God’s ways are higher what does that add to the information so far? What does ‘higher’ mean? And how could ‘higher’ be determined by Isaiah if it relies on unknown ways?

“..Nor are your ways My ways” appears to be something God could not really say and be understood at all – at least not in a way that anyone could confirm. So the claim is meaningless. Whatever buzzed in Isaiah’s ear does not appear to have been God!

The claim is literally without any meaning.
It doesn’t survive a moment of thought.


About Atheist Max

I'm a former Christian who became Atheist in middle age. My blog is a journal of how I lost religion and discovered a better life. For Peace, Civility and the Separation of Church and State
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