It can be hard to look at ourselves in the mirror. It takes courage to face our reality. Religion offers us a fuzzy curtain to block the view.

We all have some degree of fear of responsibility, loneliness, death, insecurity about society. We also have some degree of desire for an absolutist answer – something easy and obvious to eliminate those fears –  if only one could be found. I know. I was a believer for years.

Pope Francis builds a very appealing, warm, humanitarian curtain so cozy only a good God with a righteous dogma could create it (or so it appears). It offers an eternal life where nobody dies if you accept his simple solution to your fears. And people love him for it.

But examine the curtain closely and see if it is still so appealing.
The Pope opposes these things:

And your access to itPope Francis

And your tolerance of it

Gay marriage
And your tolerance of it

Separation of Church and State
And your right to it

Women’s equal rights
And your desire for it

Freedom of speech
And YOUR opinion about it

Justice for victims of Pedophilia

Transparent government
And your right to it.

He demands your acceptance of religious claims (Jihad, Papal infallibility, etc.)

This is personal. He wants you to give up your rights in return for the curtain he offers. He knows there are other curtains available; Islam, Hinduism, Mormonism, and so many others.

The Pope likes his ancient curtain. He wants you to comply. He doesn’t want to face his responsibilities either. He wants you to join him. To work for a world without gays, without any contraception and without women’s rights. He’s so certain of his beautiful curtain he is happy to force it on you. Yet we’ve seen it all before. Theocracies fail.

We need to abandon these curtain and realize most of our fears are unfounded. Our nature is better than this, our compassion and empathy for each other needs no curtains. And then, we can look at each other instead – we can make progress without any curtains.


About Atheist Max

I'm a former Christian who became Atheist in middle age. My blog is a journal of how I lost religion and discovered a better life. For Peace, Civility and the Separation of Church and State
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  1. Clint says:

    1801-1809 Thomas Jefferson, 3rd. President of the United States (DR) Confirmed Illuminati & Mason. (Masonic Edition, Holy Bible 1951 Edition) Poor records kept by the Colonial Lodges, the destruction of records by fire and war, make it impossible to consult original Lodge records. Jefferson may have been a Member of Charlottesville Lodge No. 90, Charlottesville, Va., since his name appears on the Minutes of this Lodge on September 20, 1817. Jefferson was also a member of the Lodge of the Nine Muses in Paris and the Beenan Order (Order of the Bees) known outside Bavaria as the Illuminati. What do you conclude from this information ?


      • Clint says:

        The Rebellion of Lucifer

        Lucifer The Master announced, “We need to go to the Library. As we walk I will explain why Lucifer became jealous and why he hated the Plan of God.”
        Chester scratched his head as he followed the Master. “I thought God told Lucifer his plan from the beginning. You said Lucifer was commanded to help the souls achieve their full potential.”

        The Master walked and collected his thoughts. “Lucifer finally perceived the full meaning of what a souls ultimate pontential to be. God’s plan is to create millions and billions of God Beings through soul evolution!”

        Chester shook his head as if confused. “Why did this upset Lucifer so much?”

        The Master paused as if making sure he had Chester’s attention, “Lucifer felt betrayed by God. Lucifer thought he would always be the Third Highest in the Infinite Realities. Instead he discovers God is creating God by the Billions and it was Lucifer’s Pride to be of the Highest. Lucifer felt he had to maintain his most high status at all cost.

        “What cost?” Chester blurted, very interested.

        War of Angels

        “The cost was a War of Angels of such violence that it ultimately ended the Jewel of Earth’s ability to sustain life. Lucifer made war against the throne of God. God commanded Michael to resist Lucifer. Michael and his Angels fought with Lucifer and his Angels. Lucifer tried to overthrow Heaven but was defeated and was forced to return back to earth. Lucifer fell like a bolt of lightening. The Angels that rebelled with Lucifer were hurled back to earth. God had commanded Lucifer to watch over this earth and Lucifer had not yet been relieved of his duty.
        Lucifer became enraged at his banishment to the very Earth he had once desired and now had come to hate. To add insult to injury, Lucifer was still under the command of God to help mankind achieve their destiny. This further enraged Lucifer. It was loathsome to him to be commanded to help beings achieve a station higher than he. The Mother Earth contained the very seed of billions of Gods. God seeds that someday would all exist higher and more glorius than he. Gods more powerful than he. Lucifer devised a plan to destroy the Earth’s life giving properties. This is how the Earth ultimatly became chaotic and empty of life.

        Lucifer destroyed Earth’s Ecosystem

        Lucifer destroyed this world’s ability to support life because he wanted to stop the soul evolution. Lucifer knew that Reincarnations was how God was making it possible for the souls of mankind to have enough opportunities to finally discover their God Consciousness. The Rebellion of Lucifer is also the missing information that ties Evolution and Creation together, as well as the paradox of Reincarnation and the Resurrection. Afterwards, Lucifer’s name was changed to Satan which means the enemy that destroys.”
        Once at the library Chester sat with a Bible and a Concordance in front of him and waited for the rest of the story.


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