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On Dec. 14, 2012 news emerged about a room full of children massacred by a mad man with a machine gun in Newtown, Connecticut. Like millions of others, I wept. I knelt on my living room floor, shaken by the incalculable cruelty … Continue reading

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God Is What You Decide He Is (Which Means He Isn’t)

Religions are optional and people change their beliefs over a lifetime. Some do this many times. Ever notice we always find one which agrees with our sense of morality? Most of us are given our first religion by our parents. We pick from the holy book particular verses and notions … Continue reading

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8 Reasons why “I AM BLESSED” is a grossly immoral statement

Feeling awed and grateful for the good things in one’s life is entirely appropriate. But for one to say he “is blessed” is fundamentally despicable: 1. You are claiming an all-powerful God LITERALLY interceded in your personal life to grant you a special gift. … Continue reading

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GOD OFFERS NO MORALITY. HE SIMPLY APPROVES ALL THE MULTIPLE CHOICE OPTIONS: “God told me to ________ .” “Kill them” – Jesus (Luke 19:27) “Avoid them” – (Romans 16:17) “Shun them” – (1 Cor. 5:11) “Forgive them” – Jesus (Luke … Continue reading

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Profound Biblical Contradictions #2 – THERE IS NO AFTERLIFE

What happens after we die? According to the religious, the entire purpose of this life is to love and worship God – it is a set up for your Afterlife. Heaven and Hell are in the balance. Every detail of your life must be lived with an … Continue reading

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The Illusion of “God’s Will”

Where is God’s Will? Religious Extremist – “Religion is 100% good. There are no evil parts. I decided this using my own judgement.” Religious Moderate – “Religion is not perfect. But where the Bible says something terrible I ignore it. I use my own judgement.” Atheist – “I use my own judgement”   … Continue reading

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I JUST CAN’T KEEP IT IN! I love being an Atheist. I love the freedom of thinking for myself. Don’t you? Isn’t this freedom wonderful? Atheism is wonderful. If a God exists, I’ll be happy to acknowledge Him. While we … Continue reading

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Profound Biblical Contradictions – #1

“Thou shalt not bear false witness…” – YAHWEH (Exodus 20:16) “Blessed are those who have not seen yet believe” – JESUS (John 20:29) The Exodus commandment forbids claiming things you have not witnessed. One of the few decent ideas in the Bible. But … Continue reading

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Why the Term “Good Christian” Can be so Terrifying

You have seen Christian protestors saying cruel things and you’ve thought – “What is all this? Christ taught non-judgement, didn’t he?” Why are many Christians so comfortable spewing hateful sounding accusations at people? As in, “God hates” followed by: “Gays, drunks, Jews, blasphemers”..or almost anything else. The problem stems … Continue reading

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Dangerous Thought #11 – God Corrupts Our Natural Empathy

When we see someone in trouble we want to help. But when we bring God along, it is often counterproductive. Suppose a person has suffered a terrible loss: Christian friend: “I heard you are in need, I’m going to pray for you.” … Continue reading

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